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Tracy Kashi

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I am a comedian, writer and vocalist based in London. I can be found singing on Jazz FM, Presenting for JW3 and doing comedy all over London/my bedroom.


After being awarded a Cameron Macintosh scholarship, I completed my Masters of Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and made my West-end debut in RENT at the Prince of Wales theatre. I have worked as an actress and a singer and appeared many times at the Royal Festival Hall.

I am also the featured voice in the musical score for ITV’s ‘Maigret’ with Rowan Atkinson and sing the title track ‘Hourglass’ to “The Halcyon”.

After a cancer diagnosis in 2018, I turned to comedy and writing and performed MY CANCER GAP YEAR, raising funds for charity and awareness about breast cancer in younger women. I was re-diagnosed as terminal just a few weeks before the full show opened. Furious re-writing commenced and somehow with live music, comedy and possibly too much information, the show debuted in the main theatre at the JW3 on 31st October 2019. All the artist profits went to the breast cancer charity Future Dreams.


“I watched in awe at the comedian and inspiring talent that is Tracy Kashi who played Live at Piccadilly in London in 2020. Determined not to find negativity, the comedian and singer performed an extremely enriching set about her experience living with treatable but incurable cancer. With an immediate likeable on-stage personality, she was sharp, witty and hysterically funny talking about her situation determined to entertain the audience. Kashi was a brilliant act to witness and the most positive of personalities when I met her”.RICHARD GILL ‘A RICH COMIC LIFE’

“ Tracy is blessed with the rarest of gifts, a powerful, chocolate covered alto voice. Beautiful and timeless with a unique and masterful style…”BAFTA AND EMMY AWARD WINNING COMPOSER, SAMUEL SIM

“Kashi onstage and recently in the studio, has that magical connection to how we make music, or theatre or comedy. Bold and true but vulnerable. Her voice is rich soul, skipping swing and can drop to new tender shoots. She is a f****ng larff too.”IAN SHAW- INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED JAZZ VOCALIST

“Vocally impressive…and very funny indeed…”THE STAGE

“A naturally gifted musician with a beautiful rich tone and deep soulful roots which enable her to deliver lyrics with heart, honesty and love. A very special artist”.CLAIRE MARTIN OBE


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Chanukah Spark Nights – Third Night


All jew, part pig


How not to check your breasts


Silver linings


Very angry…with a full beard!


The secret to a happy marriage

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Sky News


The Halycyon Opening Title


Maigret Sets A Trap Soundtrack Opening and Theme

  1. Accentuate 3:18
  2. Hallowed Ground 2:30
  3. Into My Arms 4:26
  4. This Christmas 4:09



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  • Our Twitter feed is currently unavailable but you can visit our official twitter page @TracyKashi.