Oh how I scoffed at fools parting with their money for lockdown puppies.

I was baffled at their determination to drive to far flung places such as Sheffield, Bogna and Lincoln to find the right pooch. Dog poo has tripled in my local park and rescue centres have run out of dog…….Has everyone gone mad? I asked myself. Until I was the one driving to Wales to part with a large sum of cash in exchange for the love of a puppy. To be fair I always wanted a do-over for my early year’s disaster with a Llasho Apso. ( ear bitten, dog dispatched to relatives, 5 year old me heart broken ) this time I would do it right, research, training, preparation.

As we all know, nothing much goes to plan these days does it? From decision to finding breeder to getting dog home took barely a week. I thought I would have months. Furious spending commenced and with a bit of borrowing and begging from friends…we got there. Kitchen ruined. Family ecstatic. I have this gorgeous Cavalier spaniel nestling into me as I type and no, he won’t take away my bloody cancer, or make covid restrictions any easier, but he makes me happy and he might help heal my family after I’ve gone. Picking up shit now will get my husband out of the house for walks, licks of love for my daughters and a little bit of sweetness in the darkness of unknown tomorrows. Money well spent I think.