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Puppy Love

Oh how I scoffed at fools parting with their money for lockdown puppies. I was baffled at their determination to drive to far flung places such as Sheffield, Bogna and Lincoln to find the right pooch. Dog poo has tripled in my local park and rescue centres have run out of dog…….Has everyone gone mad?...Continue reading

Things You Only Know If…

…you have incurable cancer during Covid. Covid. Cancer. Kids. Comedy. Chemo.  I am 45 and will be extremely lucky to see 47. An alliterative nightmare that has made me crazy and cantankerous. I don’t gig anymore. I started doing comedy about breast cancer as a way to raise awareness and be creative during 2018 and...Continue reading

My mind is a dessicated

My mind is a dessicated, hot mess of despair and hysteria. I am rendered ravaged between American politics and the Downing street podium dancers. I am in a Covid, Chemo and Kids Bermuda triangle of existence…I am in short, dribbling. Speaking of humiliation…watching strictly come dancing in an attempt to avoid realty reminds me with...Continue reading